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Plus 5 PL 4590


Plus 5 PL 4590 is an engineered compound with good stiffness and good impact strength. This grade can be used for applications that require excellent transparency. It is suitable for injection molding
Plus 5 PL 4090


Plus 5 PL 4090 is a random copolymer, suitable for injection molding applications. The product features very good transparency and gloss. Plus 5 PL 4090 is commonly used in houseware, caps and packagi
Plus 5 PL 3080


Plus 5 PL 3080 is a polypropylene-based compound. It is suitable for injection molding applications. This compound is suitable for the production of home appliances, houseware, toys and boxes which re
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  • Sina Curcumin Capsule
    Sina Curcumin Capsule
  • Cancer Treatment Drug (Paclinab)
    Cancer Treatment Drug (Paclinab)
  • Algofill
  • Nano-Plastic Pallet
    Nano-Plastic Pallet
  • Respirator Nano Mask
    Respirator Nano Mask
  • Antibacterial Tile
    Antibacterial Tile
  • Sina Ampholeish
    Sina Ampholeish
  • Cancer Detection Probe
    Cancer Detection Probe
  • Structural Lightweight Concrete
    Structural Lightweight Concrete
  • Anti-cancer Drug (SinaDoxosome)
    Anti-cancer Drug (SinaDoxosome)