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Polymer Compounds

PLUS ADD C.C 2022 is the most effective cost-saving solution for worldwide plastic processors.
PLUS ADD A.B 2022 is an antibacterial master batch supplied in carriers suitable for most polymers including PE and PP.
PLUS, ADD A.O 2022
PLUS ADD A.O 2022 is a high performance antioxidant master batch based on combination of different synergistic antioxidant additives. The additions of this master batch will prevent the loss of mechan
PLUS ADD M.M 2022 used to increase fluidity of polypropylene and at the same time to narrow the molecular weight distribution. High flow PP is used in fiber and many kinds of molding applications.
Plus 5 UF (Meltblown) 1500A
Plus UF 1500A++ is an ultra-high melt flow, narrow molecular weight thermoplastic resin well suited for melt blown applications
Plus 7 EP 5182
Plus 7 EP 5182 is a HDPE copolymer for injection molding for application requiring a good balance between easy of process ability and flow ability and mechanical properties.
Plus 5 PL 8549
Plus5 PL 8549 is a nucleated, antistatic formulated, high fluidity heterophasic copolymer used for thin walled injection molding.
Plus 8 PS 6072
Plus 8 PS 6072 is a very high impact polystyrene for the extrusion industry. This grade has been designed
to diluted with crystal polystyrene. The good melt strength of this grade makes it particular
Plus 8 PS 6014
Plus 8 PS 6014 is a high heat resistance and molecular weight crystal polystyrene for extrusion and thick walled injection molding application. It is particularly useful in the production of thick she
Plus 7 EB 3101
Plus 7 EB 3101 is a high density polyethylene with 1-Butene as co monomer. It is high density and stiffness, good ESCR, high rigidity, good flow ability and impact strength.
Plus 5 PT 2048
Plus 5 PT 2048 is a high melt flow rate, nucleated heterophasic copolymer with a special antistatic additivities used for thin-wall injection molding, IML and houseware applications. The product featu
Plus 5 PR 2048
Plus 5 PR 2048 is a high melt flow rate, nucleated heterophasic copolymer with a special antistatic additivities used for thin-wall injection molding, IML and houseware applications. The product featu
Plus 5 PL 4590
Plus 5 PL 4590 is an engineered compound with good stiffness and good impact strength. This grade can be used for applications that require excellent transparency. It is suitable for injection molding
Plus 5 PL 4090
Plus 5 PL 4090 is a random copolymer, suitable for injection molding applications. The product features very good transparency and gloss. Plus 5 PL 4090 is commonly used in houseware, caps and packagi
Plus 5 PL 3080
Plus 5 PL 3080 is a polypropylene-based compound. It is suitable for injection molding applications. This compound is suitable for the production of home appliances, houseware, toys and boxes which re
Antibacterial ABS Granule
ABS masterbatch granules are produced using modified antibacterial nanomaterials. To gain better properties which facilitate the use of ABS in fabrication ...

Definition of Polymer

A polymer is a chemical compound with molecules bonded together in long, repeating chains. Because of their structure, polymers have unique properties that can be tailored for different uses. ... The most common natural polymer on Earth is cellulose, an organic compound found in the cell walls of plants.

 Some polymers bend and stretch, like rubber and polyester. Others are hard and tough, like epoxies and glass.

Many items we use today are made of polymer compounds. Polymers are what manufacturers use to make food packaging. They can be found in beverage bottles, wires and cables, tires, etc. They are also used in health care, rail, automotive and even aerospace applications.

Popular polymers for manufacturing include polyethylene and polypropylene. Their molecules can consist of 10,000 to 200,000 monomers. During a polymerization reaction, a large number of monomers become connected by covalent bonds to form a single long molecule, a polymer.

The Many Uses of Polymers

Polymer compounds are extremely useful. These substances are so versatile that they can be turned into almost anything. They are not only lightweight. They are also hard, flexible and durable. It is the job of polymer chemists to find different methods of taking advantage of these properties and turn the substances into multiple useful objects including lenses, compact discs and food containers among others.

The science of polymer compounds is about determining chemical and conductive properties in polymers so they serve different purposes in a multitude of industries.

Ilia company has definitely proven their worth in the plastic compounding industry. They have made significant contributions to their clients.

 Ilia company has the resources to tackle the specific needs of their clients and customize solutions to meet their client’s requirements and what the industry demands.

Clients who want to maximize their business turn to ilia because they know that the company is capable of finding solutions to the most challenging polymer engineering problems.

We have product lines such as plastic pallet, polypropylene-based compound, engineered compound, random copolymer, HDPE copolymer &…..

Polymer Compounds

Polymer compounds essentially consist of small and identical molecules referred to as monomers. In a polymer compound, these monomers are linked together. Compared to other molecules, polymer ranks highest in molecular weight. Polymers are used by manufacturers to create other useful objects including plastics, rubber, glass, etc.

we use more advanced and high value technology to recombine raw material for reducing the cost but stand still the good quality.

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Plastic pallet

Plastic pallets are often made of new HDPE or recycled PET. They are usually extremely durable, lasting for a hundred trips or more, and resist weathering, rot, chemicals and corrosion. The benefits of plastic pallets over wood pallets include the ability to be easily sanitized, resistance to odor, longer service life span, durability and better product protection, non-splintering, and lighter weight, thus saving on transportation and labor costs and making them safer and more environmentally friendly.

Plastic pallets are exempt by inspection for biosafety concerns, and easily sanitize for international shipping. HDPE is impervious to most acids, and toxic chemicals clean from them more easily. they are often used by logistics service providers who can profit from their durability and stack ability.

The large supply chains have increased the use of plastic pallets as many organizations seek to reduce costs through waste, transport and health & safety.

According to the different requirements of customers and the application of products in different occasions, we provide many different solutions. Suitable for chemical, petrochemical, food, logistics transportation and other industries. Plastic pallet is not rotten, does not absorb moisture, easy to wash, easy to dry, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, antibacterial, ecofriendly, durable, unbreakable.