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Polymer Products

Nano-Plastic Waffle Slab


- Ilia’s waffle slabs possess various properties including high impact resistance and flexural strength along with minimizing shrinkage and warpage. Their high quality in addition to their increased e
Plastic Recycling Bins


Looking for outdoor Plastic Recycling Bins for parks & public spaces? iliahightech manufacture a large choice of external recycle bins in a variety of materials
Plastic Waffle Slab


Plastic Waffle are kind of ceilings with a similar shape of netted pot to cover the wide openings. This type of ceilings has a double sided actions which means there’s no need to reinforcement bars an
Plastic Baskets


Plastic Baskets are designed for products handling in different fields. The baskets are manufactured by using high quality plastic in various sizes and colors.
Plastic Chair


iliahightech Plastic Chair Shell Only. Heavy-Duty Plastic Shell; Easy to fit; Made in the iran. .
Nano-Plastic Chair


Nano -Plastic chair Seat in completely weatherproof, unbreakable, impact-proof and UV-resistant for long life
Plastic Pallet


iliahightech Plastic pallets are rigid structures that provide mechanical stability to a bulk quantity of goods during handling to preserve their quality.
Nano-Plastic Pallet


Find out all of the information about the Polymer Logistics product: plastic pallet iliahightech

Polymer Products

In light of research and development, ILIA HIGH TECH was founded to raise technical knowledge as well as quality of polymeric products. ILIA consists of a team of professional, young, motivated, and innovative people, uses engineered equipment and adopts a scientific and innovative approach to the development and production of advanced master batches and compounds in order to improve properties of polymeric products. Enhancement of mechanical properties of polymeric compounds, elimination of warpage and shrinkage, reduction of weight of final products are among the advanced industrialized technological features in ILIA.

In line with applying the latest findings of experts and researchers in polymer science, ILIA᾿s field of activity covers different industries like plastic part productions, home equipment and appliance, automotive industry, construction industry and many other industries which are dealing with polymeric materials.

ILIA HIGH TECH concentrates on issue related to the enhancing mechanical performance such as stiffness, toughness, and balanced overall properties, improving the dimensional stability upon molding, processing conditions, and weight reduction of finished products.

The technology and achievements of ILIA could be divided into several categories including:

Enhancement of mechanical performance (including rigidity, stiffness, and toughness)

Improvement of dimensional stability (including shrinkage, warpage, and heat resistance)

Improvement of process ability and production rate

Reduction of the amount of raw material used

Reduction of polymeric products weight 

Construction Industry Polymer Products

Today, the use of polymers has significantly increased in the construction industry. Due to their light weight and superior performance and quality, such materials have replaced some old materials and substances.

Having a profound technical insight into the current needs in construction industries, ILIA company has made dramatic achievements in decreasing raw material consumption, lowering the weight of final products, enhancing impact resistance as well as flexural strength, eliminating distortion and shrinkage, and also reducing final costs. The polymeric additives introduced by ILIA could be used in a variety of substances and materials in the construction industry.

Plastic Appliances Industry Polymer Products

Producers of the plastic equipment and devices used in transportation and product packaging industries are among the main usages of polymeric materials. Due to properties such as easier production capability in different shapes and dimensions along with lower prices and higher sustainability and durability, polymeric products have gained a special position in industries. Using cutting-edge equipment and having technical knowledge of its experienced experts, ILIA has taken a major step in producing and developing products which comply with global standards and consumer demands. ILIA id characterized by constant attention in producing advanced master batches and compounds with specific properties.

Having considered demands and prerequisites which exist in the industry, ILIA helps producers of such products to overcome challenges like production costs by using less expensive raw materials while keeping quality and producing more efficient products which possess more competitive mechanical properties. The most important properties of the advanced master batches and compounds produced by ILIA include an incredible increase in mechanical properties. The most important properties of advanced master batches and compounds produced by ILIA include an incredible increase in mechanical properties such as impact and flexural strength, elimination of distortion and shrinkage, the possibility of replacing new materials with cheaper materials while keeping or enhancing their mechanical and physical properties, which could contribute to lower costs. Among the applications of ILIA᾿s products, we can refer to different types of pallets, box pallet, plastic basket, plastic chair, garbage bin and many other plastic parts.

Automotive manufacturing Polymer Products

Producing the weight and improving the quality of different parts have always been the center of car manufactures. Approximately 1,000 plastic parts are used in typical car. Superior performance in in proportion to price, mold design variations, better mechanical properties, lower weight, less fuel consumption, and more economical production are among the factors behind automotive companies’ progression toward ever-increasing use of polymeric parts as well as enhancing the quality of such products.

Offering innovative products, ILIA has taken major steps in improving polymeric products in the automotive industry. Compounds with desirable mechanical properties such as the impact resistance, rigidity and stiffness, thermal resistance and dimensional stability, compounds for weight reduction of polymeric parts, and compounds for eliminating distortion and shrinkage of final products are among the materials produced by ILIA in the car manufacturing industry. ILIA᾿s advanced products could be used in polymeric parts used in the interior and exterior parts and in many cases can reduce the production cost, especially in terms of raw materials used, while maintaining or enhancing mechanical and physical properties of parts.

Home Appliances Polymer Products

As a result of the increase in population and development of societies, the use of home appliances has witnessed a dramatic increase as well. Given the wide variety of home appliances and the intense competition in this industry, ILIA intends to produce advanced materials possessing certain specific properties, which could significantly contribute to increasing the quality and efficiency of frequently used products in this industry and has therefore played a substantial role in the growth of home appliances and customer satisfaction.

Improving mechanical properties such as the flexural and impact strength, eliminating shrinkage and distortion of polymeric products, reducing the amount of raw materials used, and the possibility of substituting costly materials with less expensive ones while maintaining and improving their mechanical properties are among highly useful technologies brought about by ILIA in the home appliance industry. 

Polymer Products