At Ilia High-Tech Company, our core business is to supply numerous high-tech products based on the Nanotechnology infrastructure we have and transfer of technology and know-how for the production of such goods in coordination with knowledge-based companies as our strategic partners. Thanks to our professional expertise with the latest technology capabilities, advanced academic equipment, and research laboratories, skillful human resources that enable Ilia High-Tech to help her customers to upgrade and transform their value chain in their business at speed. Our customers achieve their strategic ambitions with the most affordable prices at the highest quality to create value for their customers while respecting their risk tolerance.

Our Vision

 Our vision is achieving the leading position in exporting high-tech products from Middle East to international market as an experienced, committed and dynamic company rising to the first rank supplier of high-tech industrial and medical products in the world.

Our Mission

Fill the gap between Iran’s technology and international market and being the bridge between both worlds.


Based on International Standard of ISO/TS 18110:2015, which includes "Nanotechnologies – Vocabularies for science, technology and innovation indicators" and the National Standard of ISIRI 12098, which includes "Nanotechnology – Vocabulary and Main Definition", the term “nanotechnology product” refers to a product that simultaneously satisfies three conditions. The first condition is being the product designed based on the nanotechnology and scientific knowledge of nanoscale (1-100 nm). The second condition relates to the enhancement of the function or feature of the product is using nanotechnology. The final condition is that the product is manufactured through an engineering process.


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