About ILIA High Tech Company

Nowadays, high technology products and services are at the epicentre of all productions and business

 It is necessary that organizations be able to transform their business and operating models to overcome  compeitive threats in a subtle way


Every organization’s needs are different.

To succeed, you need high-tech products, innovative insight, professional expertise, save costs, and reliable  investment to drive growth. Technology will play a critical role in your success and help you address critical initiatives such as efficiency aspirations, regulatory mandates,external threats, or growth ambitions

At Ilia High-Tech Company, our core business is to supply numerous high-tech products because of the Nanotechnology infrastructure we have and transfer of technology and know-how for the production of such goods in coordination with knowledge-based companies as our strategic partners. Thanks to our professional expertise with the latest technology capabilities, advanced academic equipment, and research laboratories, skillful human resources that enable Ilia High-Tech to help her customers to upgrade and transform their value chain in their business at speed.Our customers achieve their strategic
ambitions with the most affordable prices at the highest quality to create value for their
customers while respecting their risk tolerance.


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  • Office address: 2nd floor, No 30, East 26th St., Azadegan Blvd, Sheikh Bahaei Avenue., Tehran, Iran
  • Tel: (+98) 21 88354398
  • Fax: (+98) 21 88359623
  • Email: info@iliahightech.com