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​It is a kind of two-component sealing and protective coating based on cement and acrylic resin.
Stop Scratch
Stop Scratch is a top coat based on polyurethane resin with modified hardener, without solvent and with mechanical, and chemical resistance.
Grout polyurea
Grout Polyurea is a three-component mixture based on polyurea resin along with mineral reinforcements.
Zila plug
Grout Polyurea is a three-component mixture based on polyurea resin along with mineral reinforcements.
Hybrid polyurea (Cold)
Hybrid polyurea is an elastomeric product of the reaction between an isocyanate and a mixture of composite resins.
Bluzed Plus
Powder Bluzed Plus is the most advanced type of crystalline waterproofing material with a high penetrating power into concrete capillary tubes.
Acroseal is a multifunctional waterproofing system with nanotechnology and consisting of 100% active monomeric organosilane compounds and soluble in water.
Rust converter
Rust converter is a primer applied on rusted metal surfaces and by creating a new layer, directly to an iron surface to convert iron oxides (rust) into a protective chemical barrier.
Nano-Plastic Waffle Slab
- Ilia’s waffle slabs possess various properties including high impact resistance and flexural strength along with minimizing shrinkage and warpage. Their high quality in addition to their increased e
Polyurea Aromatic
Polyurea Aromatic is a spray-applied, 100% solids, flexible, two-component, Anti-corrosion, waterproof and protective coating for concrete, steel, and metal. in a wide range of environmental conditio
Acrux Water Proofing
Waterproofing is the process of making an object or structure Acrux is a high performance elastic acrylic waterproofing emulsion. Its final membrane is uniform, highly elastic (with the ability to de
Nano Emulsions
Water-in-diesel Nano-Emulsions are a magnificent breakthrough, which require no specific modifi-cation to be used in the combustion engines. Water-in-diesel Nano-emulsions are generally defi¬ned as a
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