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PLUS ADD C.C 2022 is the most effective cost-saving solution for worldwide plastic processors.
PLUS ADD A.B 2022 is an antibacterial master batch supplied in carriers suitable for most polymers including PE and PP.
PLUS ADD A.O 2022 is a high performance antioxidant master batch based on combination of different synergistic antioxidant additives. The additions of this master batch will prevent the loss of mechan
PLUS ADD M.M 2022 used to increase fluidity of polypropylene and at the same time to narrow the molecular weight distribution. High flow PP is used in fiber and many kinds of molding applications.
SURFGUARD is a two-component epoxy mastic coating with a polyamine. This product is designed for areas where optimum surface preparation is not possible and also provides long-term protection in highl
ISOPUR-LT paint is a two-component self-leveling elastomeric coating based on polyol and aromatic isocyanate resins. This product has a suitable curing time for implementation and due to the high soli
ISOPUR-HT is a fast-curing two-component elastomeric system that can only be applied with hot mechanical spray equipment.
ISOPUR-CR is a coating with extremely fast drying time and properties and a two-component, 100% solid coating. ISOPUR-CR can be applied by a two-component spray machine and is applied hot.
Polyurethane thermal insulation spray foam (closed cell foam) This spray foam contains tiny cells with solid cell walls.
Polyurethane Soundproofing Spray Foam - Open cell foam is a soft, flexible, spongy insulation with broken cell walls that allow air to easily move between the cell walls and fill them. It has very low
THERMOTEX-500 thermal and cold insulation is a water-based polymer that is applied coldly, it is single-component and is used as a thermal-cold insulation for all surfaces.
JOINTEX-200 waterproofing of expansion joints is a water-based polymer, which is applied coldly, it is single-component, and it is used as a lining and waterproofing for all types surfaces in the lowe
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