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Plus 5 UF (Meltblown) 1500A


Plus UF 1500A++ is an ultra-high melt flow, narrow molecular weight thermoplastic resin well suited for melt blown applications
Plus 7 EP 5182


Plus 7 EP 5182 is a HDPE copolymer for injection molding for application requiring a good balance between easy of process ability and flow ability and mechanical properties.
Plus 5 PL 8549


Plus5 PL 8549 is a nucleated, antistatic formulated, high fluidity heterophasic copolymer used for thin walled injection molding
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  • Cancer Treatment Drug (Paclinab)
    Cancer Treatment Drug (Paclinab)
  • Algofill
  • Sina Curcumin Capsule
    Sina Curcumin Capsule
  • Respirator Nano Mask
    Respirator Nano Mask
  • Antibacterial Tile
    Antibacterial Tile
  • Nano-Plastic Pallet
    Nano-Plastic Pallet
  • Sina Ampholeish
    Sina Ampholeish
  • Biodegradable Bags
    Biodegradable Bags
  • Surgical Robot
    Surgical Robot
  • Anti-cancer Drug (SinaDoxosome)
    Anti-cancer Drug (SinaDoxosome)