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PLUS ADD M.M 2022 used to increase fluidity of polypropylene and at the same time to narrow the molecular weight distribution. High flow PP is used in fiber and many kinds of molding applications.
Plus 5 UF (Meltblown) 1500A


Plus UF 1500A++ is an ultra-high melt flow, narrow molecular weight thermoplastic resin well suited for melt blown applications
Plus 7 EP 5182


Plus 7 EP 5182 is a HDPE copolymer for injection molding for application requiring a good balance between easy of process ability and flow ability and mechanical properties.
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  • Sina Curcumin Capsule
    Sina Curcumin Capsule
  • Cancer Treatment Drug (Paclinab)
    Cancer Treatment Drug (Paclinab)
  • Algofill
  • Nano-Plastic Pallet
    Nano-Plastic Pallet
  • Respirator Nano Mask
    Respirator Nano Mask
  • Antibacterial Tile
    Antibacterial Tile
  • Sina Ampholeish
    Sina Ampholeish
  • Cancer Detection Probe
    Cancer Detection Probe
  • Structural Lightweight Concrete
    Structural Lightweight Concrete
  • Anti-cancer Drug (SinaDoxosome)
    Anti-cancer Drug (SinaDoxosome)