Innovative Surgical Navigation Systems


The surgical navigation system is functionally similar to the navigation system that use in airplanes or even mobile phones, which can inform us the exact position. This device will display the exact position of the surgical instruments to surgeons while surgery, from patient's CT scan or MRI images by using its tracking system. Therefore, the surgeon can have accurate information about the position of his instrument during surgery and reach his predetermined goal according to a predetermined plan with minimal risks and complications. For instance, it fully removes the tumor, conducts a comprehensive biopsy, or avoids damaging healthy tissues around the tumor.

The advantages of using this system are summarized as follows:

1- More complete surgery (complete removal of the tumor) and therefore reduce the likelihood of recurrence of the disease

2- Increase surgical accuracy, protect healthy tissues and therefore reduce surgical side effects

3- Possibility of accurate surgery (sampling of small lesions)

4- Reduce hospitalization time and return to normal life due to less invasive surgery

5- Increase patient safety


• The first place in the 19th Razi Medical Sciences Research Festival

• The first place in product design in the National Industrial Design competition of IDIRAN Festival in 2015

• License of National Medical Device Directorate in Iran 

• ISO 9001

• ISO 13485

• CE marking of EEA

Future goals

Numerous projects to develop the application of navigation in other areas such as Maxillofacial surgery, Orthopedics, and access to Lateral areas of the lung, and treatment of liver tumors are under study and development.