Cancer Detection Probe


A novel label free device has been designed and developed to diagnose the presence of cancer in suspicious regions, based on determination of the hypoxia glycolysis in quantitative manner. Electrochemical signals produced due to cancer cell metabolism is the basis of our diagnostic procedure. Importantly, integrated biosensor on the needles, named Cancer Diagnostic Probe (CDP), is fabricated and tested in real-time manner on the suspicious cancerous regions before and during surgery in mice species as well as human patients with breast cancer tumors (in vivo). The domain of suspicious margins with a resolution of 3mm was detected. It can be applied as an alternative method for frozen section pathology during the surgery with faster and more precise efficiency.

CDP Specifications

- Unique ability in intra-operative checking of internal margins (in -vivo)

- Real-time

- Disposable head probe to prevent disease transmission

- more than 97% sensitivity (correct positive scores on involved margins)

- more than 94% selectivity(correct positive scores on involved margins and correct negative scores on free margins)

- Integrated portable automatic electrochemical system

- Distinguished vocal and visual alarms

- Precise with declaration of Positive/Negative recommendation for dissection

- Ergonomic design

- Increased prognostic factor and survival rate of the patients


Technical Specs