Nano Emulsions


Water-in-diesel Nano-Emulsions are a magnificent breakthrough, which require no specific modifi-cation to be used in the combustion engines. Water-in-diesel Nano-emulsions are generally defi¬ned as a mixture of diesel and water, which contains dispersed water phase not larger than 500 nm. It improves the occurrence of micro-explosion phenomena that produce smaller diesel droplets, better spray dispersion, and less soot particles formed during burning of diesel fuel. 
Nano-emulsion is thermodynamically unstable but kinetically stable and transparent to naked eye. It is unique compared to other emulsion systems that are usually milky, as they are smaller and relatively stable against sedimentation, flocculation, dilution and temperature changes.
ILIA HIGH TECH has developed a spectacular formulation by employing commercial available additives to produce Nano emulsion fuel formulation. The resulting Nano emulsion fuel is economically beneficial considering the price of diesel fuel and additives. 
ILIA HIGH TECH Nano emulsion formulation include additives less than half of the water weight percent in ¬final Nano emulsion.
ILIA HIGH TECH Nano emulsion fuel’s appearance is transparent which makes it more attractive for the costumers in comparison to diesel emulsion fuel, which is milky. Transparent water-in-diesel Nano-emulsion is produced by using hydrodynamic cavitation platform, which is employed as an ultimate mixing platform.


General Information
  • Improving the stability water diesel emulsion by Hydrodynamic Cavitation process
  •  Portable Low-Energy Consumption Platform
  • Easy to handle – low maintenance cost Platform
  • Producing highly stable micro and Nano-bubble in HFO Fuel
  • Handling of the platform in any scale is possible
NOx Reduction/ PM Reduction
Better Combustion Efficiency


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