Nano bubble


Ilia nanotechnology’s series are efficient Nano bubble generators. The special designed apparatus is manufactured to make various types of Nano bubble gases. The produce Nano bubbles are negatively charged, highly stable and less than 100 nm. ilia make it possible to go much beyond the saturation level of gas dissolution in liquid e.g 45ppm for dissolved oxygen (D.O) in water. ilia with ultimate efficiency of gas mixing in liquid are supplied according to the costumer’s required liquid flow rate. Equipped with gas suction module and resistant to corrosion, Ilia Nano bubbles are capable of injecting any corrosive gas like ozone. Notably, they can be couple with dissolved oxygen sensor and PLC automation control. The effort of ilia designers and manufacturers was to bring a series of user friendly systems with easy installation, setting up and low cost maintenance.
Features & Benefits

90 percent efficiency of gas dissolution

• Nano bubble gas generation with
• less than 100nm size
• Supersaturated water production with 
• various types of gas
• Equipped with gas suction module
• Highly resistant to corrosion
• Equipped with PLC control 
• Automation (optional)
Ilia Nano bubble Applications
• Agriculture & Greenhouse: Enriching the irrigation water by oxygen Nano bubbles would lead to better root health and increasing the absorption of nutrients through the roots. The trend is much more noticeable in hydroponic method of greenhouse.
• Fish Farming and Fishery: Dissolved oxygen is a critical parameter in fish farming especially for cold water fishes. Increasing the concentration of dissolved oxygen would suppress the lost rate and better metabolism.
• Waste water treatment: The application of Ilia Nano bubble in advanced oxidation processes for waste water treatment through the injection of oxidant gases including ozone, oxygen and air would be highly beneficial. 
• Supersaturated waters: The production of supersaturated waters like oxygen and hydrogen Nano bubble waters by use of ilia Nano bubbles is feasible.
• Food Safety: Disinfection process for vegetables, fruits, shrimps and fishes through Nano bubble waters without any undesirable destructive effect on human health is a useful method.
• Revival of lakes, swamps and wetlands: Ilia Nano bubble can increase the dissolved oxygen concentration noticeably for the revival of dead waters.


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