Surgical Robot


SinaFlex is a robotic surgery system which can be used for performing abdominal surgery operations in an ergonomic posture for surgeon and also remotely through internet or other communication channels. This system has two main subsystems including a master robotic console at the surgeon's side and a slave robotic system at patient's side. The master robots receive the surgeon's hands movements and transmit them to the patient's side robots that mimic the surgeon's hand movements in a real-time manner. Simultaneously, the slave robots measure the robot and patient interaction forces/torques, including the pinch forces under instruments jaws and transmit them to the surgeon's side master robotic system.

As a result, all tool-tissue interaction forces are fed backed to the surgeon's hands. This system has the advantages of high accuracy and quality of surgery, less incision for patients and more ergonomic posture for surgeons.

Technical Specifications