Silent Sewage Pipes

Today's modern life causes many new abnormalities in societies, one of which is the noise pollution. With decrease in living space in big cities and use of light and durable materials, new standards have been enacted to control sound in modern societies. For instance, interior equipment like fans, ceiling- or wall-mounted fan coils, hot and cold water plumbing systems and sanitary sewer systems are the main factors which produce noise pollution. Therefore, when choosing, sound production standards should be considered as an important criteria. Amongst above-mentioned instances, sewage pipelines play an important role in the noise pollution of the interior space. 
  • Particularly for sewer pipes and fittings
Advantage of Using Nanotechnology
This product composed of three layers, in which the middle layer is a nanocomposite material. The middle layer not only obviates sound pollution but also improves mechanical properties. It is worth mentioning that this product has passed sound insulation standards such as DIN 4109.
Certificates and Standards
  • NanoScale Certification

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