Lab Electrospinning Unit


Lab Electrospinning Unit is a full-automatic laboratory electrospinning instrument which is able to produce different polymer nanofibers. This system makes use of electrostatic and mechanical force to spin fibers from the tip of a fine spinneret. The spinneret is maintained at a positive or negative charge by a DC power supply. When an applied electrostatic charge overcomes the surface tension of the solution, the polymer jet is formed. A rapidly rotating collector results in aligned nanofibers while stationary collector results in randomly oriented fiber mats.


  • Production of a wide range of natural and synthetic polymer nanofibers.
  • Electrospinning of aligned nanofibers to produce single or multilayer structures

 Nanotechnology in Product

Laboratory electrospinning unit is a simple, versatile technique for generating nanofibers from a rich variety of materials including polymers, composites, and ceramics. This device can also be used for the synthesis of aligned nanofibers which are suitable for special applications.

Certificates and Standards

  • Certificate of Nanotechnology

Technical Specifications