Golfa Nanocoating Corrosion & Scratch resistant


Faucets and taps contain internal and external sections. The internal sections are usually made of brass and ferrous alloys. Corrosion and abrasion resistance and beautiful appearance for external sections have achieved by applying a variety of coatings. Hard coatings are the common types which have been widely used because of their wear resistance and beautiful colors. Appropriate coatings with proper deposition processes are chosen due to the material of faucets. Nitrides containing simple metal such as TiN, ZrN and CrN are the first generation of PVD hard coatings which have been used for decorative purposes due to their beautiful appearance. Among common methods for deposition of these coatings, different PVD methods (Arc-PVD and sputtering) have become more attractive due to some special properties which can be obtained by them, such as getting nanostructured coating, high speed of production and good coating quality.


  • Decorative coatings are applied to buildings and associated structures for decoration and protection

Advantage of Using Nanotechnology

The corrosion, wear and erosion properties can be improved by deposition of nanostructured coatings.

Certificates and Standards

  • Certificate of Nanotechnology