Highno Anti-waves Pregnancy Belt


What we do know, is that the radiation at the levels emitted by cell phones and Wi-Fi does have a biological impact. Numerous studies have shown that it impacts the way cells grow, DNA replicates, and brain cells function. Because of this, health experts believe early childhood and pregnancy – when rapid and complex cell development occurs – are the times of highest risk. According to some studies, the more frequently a mother used a cell phone, the greater the risk that her child would have a behavioral problem. Mechanisms behind the connection have not been established, though it has been theorized that the radiation from cell phone use may affect the regulation of hormone secretion impacting metabolism and brain development. This product avoids exposure to electromagnetic radiation or at least reduces its impact on the fetus. 


  • This product is particularly used to protect the fetus from electromagnetic radiation

Advantage of Using Nanotechnology

For protection against waves, use of a material with high electrical conductivity is necessary. The high electrical conductivity of nanoparticles leads to a decrease in the electromagnetic field induced by the absorption of waves within the protective material. The electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of this product was measured by ASTM D4935.

ASTM D4935 Standard: Standard Test Method for Measuring the Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness of Planar Materials.

Certificates and Standards

  • NanoScale Certification