Antibacterial Man-made Carpet


Germs, bacteria and microorganisms are the main causes of diseases, infections and bad odors. The average amount of bacteria found in a homeowner’s carpet is 200,000 organisms per square inch. This amount is 4,000 times more than that found on an average homeowner’s toilet seat. Therefore, the use of disinfectants that can reduce the activity of these organisms can be important. In this regard, the antimicrobial activity of silver has been proven, and it has been used in many applications. The present product is an antibacterial carpet containing silver nanoparticles which prevents creation of bad odors in carpet. 


  • Particularly in houses and resort centers such as mosques, etc.

Advantage of Using Nanotechnology

Silver nanoparticle is a strong antibacterial agent which can eliminate a wide range of germs and bacteria. The specific surface area and dispersion capability of silver nanoparticles cause better contact with microorganisms which consequently improves the antimicrobial activities. The antibacterial property of this product was evaluated by ISIRI 11070.

ISIRI 11070: Textile, Evaluation of antibacterial activity in textile products. 

Certificates and Standards

  • NanoScale Certification
  • Health approval of Food and Drug Administration