Lab-scale Electrospinning Unit


The Lab-scale Electrospinning Unit is the laboratory electrospinning equipment for efficient research and experimental work in the field of nanofibers. This system makes use of electrostatic and mechanical force to spin fibers from the tip of a fine spinneret. The spinneret is maintained at a positive or negative charge by a DC power supply. When the electrostatic repelling force overcomes the surface tension force of the polymer solution, the liquid spills out of the spinneret and forms an extremely fine continuous nanofiber.


  •           Experimental work and product development in academic, research and industrial spheres.
  •           Simultaneous electrospinning of two different materials for production of composite nanofibers suitable for pharmaceutical, medicinal, biological, etc. applications.

Certificates and standards

  •           Certificate of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology in Product

The Lab-scale electrospinning unit is an efficient tool for research and development in the field of nanofibers. The dual-pump model can also be used for the synthesis of composite nanofibers which are suitable for pharmaceutical, medicinal, and biological applications.

Lab-scale Electrospinning Unit