Heavy Truck Air Filter


The latest evolution in the filtration industry is the use of nanotechnology in this field. With this technique, the surface of large cellulosic or synthetic fibers (usually 10 to 30 micrometers in diameter) is covered with a layer of ultra-fine nanofibers (typically 50 to 400 nanometers in diameter). In this method, before the pleating process, the filter paper is covered with a layer of polymeric nanofibers with diameter of 50 to 300 nanometer by using an electric field. Nanofibers form because of the existence of a large potential difference.


  • This product is mainly used as heavy truck air filter

Advantage of Using Nanotechnology

Nanofibers because of having a high surface area, high length to width ratio, and low density are able to eliminate the large amounts of particles during the filtration process; this performance leads to an increase in filtration efficiency.

Certificates and Standards

  • NanoScale Certification