Industrial Nanofiber Production Line (INFL)

Industrial Nanofiber Production Line (INFL) is an industrial-scale electrospinning nanofiber production machine that can coat one-meter width substrates with 60-500 nm diameter nanofibers. This production line can be offered in both needleless or needle-type e-spinning. In the needleless production line, the needleless rotary spinneret is partially immersed into the polymer solution and a high strength electric field is applied to the solution bath and collector (rotating drum). This results in the formation of numerous jets from the spinneret and consequently, the formation of a layer of nanofibers on the collector. 
  • Deposition of nanofiber on different substrates in large-scale
  • Production of nano-fiber based filters and face masks
Certificates and standards
  • Certificate of Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology in Product
Using this production line, different nanofibers can be deposited on various substrates in industrial scale.

Device model




No. of Electrospinning units




Power Supply

• Single-phase, 220 V AC, 50-60 Hz

• Three-phase, 380 V AC, 50-60 Hz (customer order)

High Voltage Power Supply

• 50 kV DC, Positive/ Negative Polarity

• Digital Display of Voltage with a Precision of 0.1 kV

• 50 kV DC, Positive/ Negative Polarity

• Digital Display of Voltage with a Precision of 0.1 kV

Spinneret (needleless e-spinning)

• Material: steel

• Diameter: 6 cm

• Length: 30-160 cm (based on order)

• Rotation Speed: 1-20 rpm

Nozzle (needle-type e-spinning)

• Material: steel

• No. of Nozzles: 10 to 50 in each unit

• Length: 30-160 cm (based on order)

• Number: 20 to 100 in each unit

• Min. Injection Rate: 100 L/h

• Max. Injection Rate: 20 mL/h


• Material: steel

• Dimension: Depending on the spinneret dimension

• Working distance: 5-20 cm

Heating system

Ambient to 40 °C

Control Panel

• PLC with HMI Interface

• Emergency Stop Button

Ventilation System

Removing solvent from chamber using a ventilation fan with

scheduled operation time.

Winding System

• Winding Speed: up to 1000 m/h

• Max. Substrate Width: 1 m


Metallic chamber equipped with 6 doors on side walls for easily

monitoring the process

Nanofiber Diameter

60 to 500 nm


• L: 4 to 8 m (based on order and number of units)

• W: 1 to 2 m (based on order and unit’s width)

• H: 2 to 2.5 m (based on order)


1500 to 3500 kg (based on order and number of e-spinning units)