Disinfectant (Nano biocide)


Silver nanoparticles have been used as colloidal silver for more than 100 years. Historically, colloidal silver containing silver with different concentrations and particle sizes has been widely used to treat wounds and infections. Penetration of silver into the bacteria cells induces a high degree of structural and morphological changes which lead to the death of that cell. Silver nanoparticles can prevent the growth or adhesion of bacteria onto the surface. This can be especially useful in the operation room, where all surfaces in contact with the patient's body should be sterilized. In addition, silver nanoparticles can be incorporated into a variety of surfaces, such as metal, plastic, and glass. This product has been introduced into the market with two different concentrations:

  • Disinfectant containing 100 ppm silver nanoparticles
  • Disinfectant containing 2000 ppm silver nanoparticles


  •  This product is particularly used to disinfect sensitive surfaces

 Advantage of Using Nanotechnology

 Silver nanoparticles are stabilized easily in nano-dimension which leads to the formation of more stable colloids. It could be mentioned that in nano- dimension, antibacterial effect of silver increases significantly, so that they are able to remove over 650 bacterial species. 

 Certificates and Standards

  • NanoScale Certification
  • Iran Ministry of Health Certification