Structural Lightweight Concrete (NSLC-1230)


Structural lightweight concrete has an in-place density on the order of 1400 to 1900 kg/m3 compared to normal-weight concrete with a density in the in the range of 2000 to 2400 kg/m3. For structural applications, the concrete strength should be greater than 17 MPa. The concrete mixture is made with lightweight coarse aggregate. In some cases, a portion or the entire fine aggregate may be a lightweight product. Lightweight aggregates used in structural lightweight concrete are typically expanded shale, clay or slate materials that have been fired in a rotary kiln to develop a porous structure. 


  • Shipbuilding and Offshore structures
  • Construction and reconstruction of bridges
  • Construction of earthquake-resistant structures 

Advantage of Using Nanotechnology

Silica nanoparticle possess more Pozzolanic nature. It has the capability to react with the free lime during the cement hydration and forms additional C-S-H gel giving strength, impermeability and durability to concrete. The evaluation of the compressive strength of the concrete was carried out in accordance with the ASTM C39.

ASTM C39: Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Cylindrical Concrete Specimens. 

Certificates and Standards

  • NanoScale Certification

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