Zirconium-based Nanoceramic Conversion Coating


Zirconium-based conversion coating, as a suitable alternative for common phosphate and chromate coatings, are widely applied on metallic surfaces to promote the paint adhesion and improve the corrosion performance. These coatings are based on the eco-friendly compounds; furthermore, the main advantage of these coatings is no need for thermal energy which consequently leads to cost reduction.


  • Improving the paint adhesion and the corrosion performance of metallic surfaces

Nanotechnology in Product

The nanoceramic-based conversion coatings allow the production of thin nanometer range coatings, based on the combination of a nano-structured ceramic-type metallic oxide, with metals like titanium and zirconium. These types of coatings promote the paint adhesion and improve the corrosion performance of metallic surfaces.

Certificates and Standards

  • Certificate of Nanotechnology

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