4eco Herbal Sanitizer


4eco, the Nano-emulsion disinfectant which has developed based on scientific and hygienic standards. It is known as an herbal disinfectant. Of note, all alcoholic disinfectants are formulated with 70% ethanol, 12-15% isopropyl alcohol and some dimethyl ammonium chloride that take at least 8 minutes to kill approximately 83-90% of viruses or bacteria, while 4eco is effectively kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria only in 30 seconds. Alcoholic disinfectants have many side effects and make serious harms for human health. However, using of herbal disinfectant developed based on nanotechnology like 4eco are more functional for consumer’s goods, sensitive people, allergic patients, and all age groups even children without worrying about the disadvantages of alcohol and chloride-like chemical compounds. The formulation of 4eco sanitizer is safe on skin, surface, fruits, pets and etc

Herbal disinfectant based on nanotechnology 
Non-alcoholic and Non-toxic 
Water base and natural plants oil 
Safe on skin and surface 
Kill 99.9% of viruses in 30 seconds 
Do not make eye damages such as redness and itching of the eyes 
Do not make xeroderma, skin itching, and eczema 
Do not cause respiratory disorders and runny nose 
Do not cause chronic allergies 
More effective than alcoholic disinfectant 
Non-ignition due to sunlight and heat 

IFDA certificate 
Nano care certificate 
Halal certificate 
CE marking of EEA 
Iran registration code (IRC) 
ISO 9001, 2008 Swedish AGR certificate 
ISO14001, 18001 management certificate from Nobel 
Certificate of Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council 
Ability to use in high-risk environments with the standard 2842 

The 250 cc and 500 cc packaging are convenient to use in home, office, and as a portable sanitizer 
The 5-liter and 20-liter packaging are convenient to use in public environments such as passenger terminals including road, rail and airport, factories and industrial, offices and training centers, and even health centers



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