DPSN gray water treatment systems


In DPSN gray water treatment systems, gray water is treated using multichannel platelet nanostructure ceramic membranes in a hybrid membrane process. Pore size of the applied ceramic membranes are engineered in nanometric scale to obtain high quality water for recycling in industrial applications, washing in domestic applications and agriculture consumptions. The used ceramic membranes in these systems are guaranteed for long times (5-10 years) with low fouling problems by applying intervallic back washing services. 


  • This system is used for gray water treatment using nanostructure ceramic membranes produced by DPSN company for industrial (car washes, carpet washes, stone cuttings, etc.) and domestic applications. The purified water can be used for some applications such as water to plants, washing, flash tank, etc. 

Nanotechnology in Product

  • High compact treatment systems
  • More than 70 % water recycling
  • Reducing of water consumption
  • •More than 50% in domestic systems
  • •More than 70% in industrial systems
  • Disinfection without the carcass of microorganisms
  • Guarantee of membranes for long times
  • High automation of treatment systems
  • Simple and economic treatment systems
  • Applicable for gray waters in various ranges of pH and TDS/EC

Certificates and Standards

  • NanoScale Certification

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