Textile waste water treatment


PNF Co has an innovational combination of methods to meet textile industries requirement. The most important advantages of the applied technologies are feasibility and efficiency in this problem.

In electro-oxidation process, a kind of electric current applied into the electrolytic reactor causes the colloidal impurities to de-stabilize, resulting in agglomeration and flotation and subsequent removal. Dissolved impurities contributing BOD/COD also get oxidized due to the oxidizing agents released by the electrolytic solution which changes them into a state that is either less colloidal and less emulsified (or soluble). Also, Color has been decreased during this process. PNF Co is using a special coated plate and also power source to improve the operation and also decrease power consumption of the electro-oxidation unit. Electro dialysis unit also is used to remove salts and other ionized contaminants and makes the water suitable for re use.


  • Textile industries

Advantage of Using Nanotechnology


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