Rust converter

Rust converter is a primer applied on rusted metal surfaces and by creating a new layer, directly to an iron surface to convert iron oxides (rust) into a protective chemical barrier.

Rust converter

The difficulties of removing rust and painting in the traditional sandblasting method are time consuming, difficult to implement, have a high cost, cause high pollution, and require a large working environment. On the other hand, in some industries, there are sensitive components that cannot be de rusted with the usual methods of acid washing and sandblasting, or in case of replacing the components, there is a possibility of damaging the machinery or causing an explosion. At the present time, there are anti-corrosive solutions being used which do not possess a strong ability to prevent the occurrence of corrosive substances. Therefore, after the anti-corrosion coating, an additional final coating layer must be applied on the structure.

Rust converter

Rust converter is a primer applied on rusted metal surfaces and by creating a new layer, directly to an iron surface to convert iron oxides (rust) into a protective chemical barrier. These compounds interact with iron oxides, converting them into an adherent black layer that is more resistant to moisture and protects the surface from further corrosion.

 The rust converter is a coating that does not require maintenance to the infrastructure or sandblasting of rusted surfaces, and it is only necessary to apply it on it on these surfaces with a brush, spray or pistol. In 2 to 4 hours after applying this coating on the surface, alongside protecting the structure from rusting, it prevents the development of corrosion in the formulated structure creating a strong anti-corrosive surface. This type of liquid coating, which is water-based, is designed and presented for the coating and painting of rusted surfaces. The Rust Converter prevents the growth and the spread of rust on surfaces and increases the durability of metal components. After drying, the color of this coating appears dark gray, almost black. Once fully cured (12 - 24 hours) the rust is neutralized and the surface can be re-coated.

 Rust converter is usually applied to objects that are difficult to sand blast, such as vehicles, trailers, fences, iron railings, sheet metal, and the outside of storage tanks. It may also be used to restore and preserve iron-based items of historical importance.

key features Rust converter

1-great for humid and coastal areas because they are highly exposed to sultry and moisture.

2- suitable temperature resistance (the temperature range is between minus 10 degrees and positive 170 degrees Celsius).

3-reasonably priced (20 kilos of covers an area of 60 square meters).


5- surface drying time is 3 hours after applying the rust converter

Rust converter

coating is made with the finest non-chemical materials to introduce the green-friendly products. Implying will convert the rust particles into the new layer as part of the coating and prevent any further corrosion. this coating does not require any heavy preparation.

 ARKA Rust converter highlights

1-No sandblasting or sanding needed

2-Hydrophobic and moisture resistant


4-Penetration to the depth of the rusted surface

5-High durability and long-lasting life


In general, you can rust converter on any metal surface that has rust. The most popular applications of this product:

-Oil and gas petrochemical

-Marine industries

-Water & sewage industries

-Factory facilities

- Artificial pools for fish and aquaculture

- storage of agricultural water

- Chemical recycling and evaporation ponds

- Isolation of underground resources

- Aviation and shipbuilding industries

- Automotive and machinery industries

Directions for Use : ARKA Rust converter

1) Ensure material is mixed thoroughly before using. Shake bottle well before use.

2) Remove oil, dirt, and grease from the surface. Wire brush to remove flaky crust and loose scale. Some surface rust must be present.

3) Brush on lightly and evenly. Apply 2 to 3 coats allowing no more than 20 minutes of drying time between coats. The final application should dry to a black finish. A black coating will appear within 5 minutes. Uneven color indicates need for additional coats for maximum protection. Recoat time 15 to 30 minutes.

4) Wait for 24 hours before applying top coat. If not top coating, protect from moisture and humidity and use third coat of rust neutralizer 24 hours after applying the second coat.

5) Most finish paints will not require any additional primer. However, light color latex and metal-filled paints require a solvent-based primer on top of poly urea arom50® Extend Rust Neutralizer before finishing application.

6) For a smooth finish, sand with 320 grit sandpaper before top coating. Do not sand after top coating. This will break the barrier and will cause future rust.

7) Brushes, rollers, and other tools should be cleaned immediately with soap and water.

Technical specification 

 Physical state  One component of powder and one component of liquid
 Special weight A+B (g/m3)  1±0/01
 Color / Grade of Gloss  Transparent
 Pot life  At 30 degrees Celsius it is about 30 minutes and at higher temperatures this time is shorter
 Adhesion to concrete(ASTM D4541)  ˃2MPa (concrete failure)
 Percentage of elongation  More of 200 percent
 Thermal resistance (ASTM D412)  More of 20 N/mm2
 Resistance to water impetration (BS EN 12390-8)  No water penetration
 flash-off  3 - 5 min. between each coating
 Color Black
 Processing Conditions  From +15°C and up to 65% relative air humidity
 Surface drying time  1/5 to 2 hours
 Drying Times

 Set to touch: 12 - 24 h

Re-coat able: 24 h

 Final drying time  3 to 7 days
 Minimum execution temperature  5oc
 Cl  Doesn’t have

STORAGE ARKA Rust converter

- In tightly closed original containers at least 2 years’ shelf life

- The best storage temperature:    +10 to +30 degrees Celsius

- Storage conditions:   Container closed, away from moisture, frost and direct sunlight


Part A (liquid): 20 kg container

Part B (powder): 2 kg bag


- Rust converter shouldn’t be swallowed or make contact with eyes.

- Rust converter doesn’t toxic, but use gloves, glasses and work clothes during the performance.

- In case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of fresh water.

- If swallowed, see a doctor immediately. 

- Please refer to MSDS tab.

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