Polyurea Aromatic

Polyurea Aromatic is a spray-applied, 100% solids, flexible, two-component, Anti-corrosion, waterproof and protective coating for concrete, steel, and metal. in a wide range of environmental conditio

Description Polyurea Aromatic

Polyurea Aromatic is a spray-applied, 100% solids, flexible, two-component, Anti-corrosion, waterproof and protective coating for concrete, steel, and metal.  in a wide range of environmental conditions rapid curing pure poly urea system, designed as a waterproofing and protective coating. It combines the advantages of seamless coating with very long life cycles and high durability.

Polyurea Aromatic consists of two components, polyurea part A ISO and poly urea part B AMINE. The system offers excellent surface properties and overall physical properties.

Advantage : Polyurea Aromatic

-Environment friendly – 100% solids

-Excellent chemical resistance, thermal stability and UV resistance

-Very fast turn-around time. The coated substrate can be put into service within an hour.

-Excellent abrasion and puncture resistance

-Seamless and monolithic, including field joints

-Significantly enhances the durability of reinforced concrete 

-Low permeability values

-Color stable when coated with ACRUX UVR topcoat

-Fire-rated when coated with ACRUX UVR topcoat

-Can be applied at ambient temperatures between -30 ֯ c to + 70 ֯c

-Designed for service temperature from _30 ֯c to +135 ֯c

- Can be applied over the top of old existing waterproofing systems.

- Excellent adhesion to nearly all substrates -concrete, steel, aluminum, wood, foam etc.

- High impact resistance

- Excellent thermal stability

 Polyurea Aromatic

Application : Polyurea Aromatic

Oil & Petrochemical

Corrosion is always possible when you work in the oil and gas industry. From natural causes like rain, wind, and dirt, to the resources themselves, this industry has many possible causes of corrosion that can damage many of the components needed to keep your business running.  we have made great strides with protective polyurea coatings that can help to slow down or stop corrosion.

With our coatings, you will see a reduction in corrosion, abrasion, and leaks. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company save money. Our staff is made up of dedicated professionals who understand the unique needs of many different industries.

Polyurea is an exceptionally strong spray coating that can be used for a variety of applications across different industries. There are a number of benefits of using polyurea for the oil and gas industry. It can effectively protect oil and gas storage tanks, containers, and pipelines against abrasion, weather, and chemical corrosion, and extends the lifespan of these tanks and pipelines.

While other protective coatings like polyurethane and epoxies have been used in the past, polyurea is a newer and far more durable advanced waterproofing and protective system.

Polyurea Aromatic

To Protect against Harsh Weather Conditions : Polyurea Aromatic

Polyurea is applied as a liquid spray and dries within seconds, forming a sturdy membrane. Once the surface is fully cured, it can be used immediately and withstand extreme weather conditions like snow, ice, rain and prolonged exposure to UV rays from the sun. This makes polyurea the ideal protective coating for any exterior surface.

To Refurbish Pipeline Rollers and Tanks :  Polyurea Aromatic

Over time, constant usage and exposure to harsh chemicals can slowly strip away protective coatings from your tanks. With proper maintenance, polyurea coatings can extend the lifespan of these tanks longer than other coatings that have been used in the past. Polyurea coatings can be used to refurbish pipeline rollers and interior tank linings to extend their lifespan and prevent corrosion.

To Enhance Durability and Safety Standards

Featuring strong physical and elastomeric properties, polyurea can be used to establish primary and secondary containment lining in storage tanks that will prevent chemicals from leaking out. These enhanced safety features protect oil and gas industry workers from exposure and risk of explosions due to chemical interactions. It also protects the surrounding environment from contamination.

Polyurea membranes are resistant to extreme temperatures and can therefore be used for outdoor and indoor industrial applications such as helicopter pads, walkways, lining tanks, workshop flooring, etc

To Coat Tanks

On oil and gas rigs, storage tanks are constantly being exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals and weather conditions. Lining the interior of storage tanks with a durable polyurea coating can help control the internal temperature, prevent pressure buildups that cause explosions, and seal all cracks or other damages that can lead to harmful chemical leaks.

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