Multi Option Electrospinning Machine

Multi Option Electrospinning Machine is a laboratory electrospinning system which is efficient for research and experimental work in the field of nanofibers. This system makes use of an automatic syringe pump to pump the fluid through a syringe. A voltage is supplied (using several kV potential) to positively charge the syringe needle. The resulting electric field causes fibers to be pulled out of the droplet at the end of the tip and onto a grounded metal collector. 

  • Experimental work and product development in academic, research and industrial spheres.
  • Production of different nanofibers including synthetic polymer, natural and biodegradable or polymer/composite nanofibers.
Certificates and standards
  • Certificate of Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology in Product
Full option electrospinning machine is an efficient tool for research and development in the field of nanofibers. It can be used for the production of a wide range of nanofibers such as synthetic polymer, natural and biodegradable or polymer/composite nanofibers in lab-scale. 


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